Sunday, May 10, 2009

Adam and Molli's Wedding

Adam and Molli's wedding was also a destination wedding. I traveled to Dayton, OH where Molli is originally from. Adam is one of my close and dear friends, and when they asked me to take their wedding pictures I was honored. This was a very fun and eventful weekend with near and dear friends that have a blast when we all get together. The wedding took place in a building that had a lot of history to it. I turned out to be a wonderful weekend for all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Andy and Megan Klosterman

Andy and Megan are always an entertaining and fun couple to be around. These two are MADE for eachother, and they truely compliment eachother. I enjoyed taking their pictures, and yes it snowed that day which is what Megan wanted.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aaron and Jen Huwer

I was privleged when Jen and Aarom asked me to take their wedding pictures. I have kown Jen since we were little. This couple and their families will always keep you on your toes. Lets just say there is never a dull moment when you are around the Leys and Huwers. The day was filled with fun, beautiful weather and a loving couple.

Joel and Emily Lipp

I have known Joel and Emily for a long time. These two are one of a kind. It was fun to take their wedding pictures because this was a destination wedding. Joel and Emily live in Ozark, Missouri. I got to make a mini vacation out of it. There was boating, good company, and fun pictures.